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Due to the normal movement, settlement, expansion and contraction of the supporting soil, homes, buildings and their foundations may be disrupted and cause foundation cracks or settlement in the foundations or slabs of structures. The solution is the Perma Jack® System which provides correction to qualified settlement problems.

Perma Jack is a frictionless steel pier system used to stabilize the foundations and slabs of settling structures, such as residential home foundations including fireplaces and some porches, multi-family complexes, commercial and industrial buildings. The Perma Jack System utilizes high strength mechanical steel tubing which is hydraulically driven to bedrock or equal load bearing strata. This type of steel piering provides unvarying foundation support, unlike concrete piers, helical piers and anchoring systems that are usually supported by the same expansive soil that caused the foundation problems in the first place -- just at a different depth.

Perma Jack Company introduced the first remedial steel pier stabilization system and revolutionized the foundation repair industry. The system was invented in 1974 and patented (U.S. patent No. 3,902,326, September 2, 1975) by George Langenbach, the founder of Perma Jack, and has remained a family owned business over the last 36 years.

Foundation Repairs by Perma Jack
Foundation Repairs Using Perma Jack System
The Perma Jack System provides the most dependable, high quality, low-impact solution for foundation repair. While others make claims, Perma Jack has been the most reliable and the longest operating remedial steel pier system for foundation repair in use today. Perma Jack provides the name, product and process that homeowners have trusted for over 36 years.

Perma Jack Company supports a network of independently owned and operated foundation repair dealers with foundation and slab repair components, supplies, technical support and training. Each licensed dealer provides its area of service with a long lasting engineered and field proven solution for vertical settlement foundation repair.

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