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The Best Foundation Repair System is Perma Jack

The Perma Jack System is one of the best foundation repair systems available on the market today. Not only is Perma Jack the originator of the remedial steel pier repair market, it is also the most direct method to drive, test, lift (if required), and lock the pier with the same hydraulic equipment from start to finish. These factors greatly reduce the risks that can exist when stabilizing or lifting a structure. There is no need to change to inaccurate hand operated jacks or screwing methods to do final lifting and adjusting.

The Perma Jack System, with over 36 years experience in foundation repairs, has allowed us to have the most effective, efficient and straight-forward foundation repair system. The system does not use unnecessary coatings, equipment, or unsubstantiated means to verify the competency of the load bearing strata. It is a proven patented process that forces STEEL PIERS all the way down to bedrock or equal load bearing strata making your building solid as a rock.

Perma Jack is a stable and on-going company. We have stood behind our product and performance for over 36 years and we’ll be here for years to come.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose the Perma Jack System for your Foundation Repairs

  • The Perma Jack System is the original retrofit steel piering system
  • Name brand product from long running, family owned business
  • Materials are made in the USA, with steel produced in the USA
  • Materials are examined for precision and accuracy
  • The Perma Jack System virtually eliminates call-back expenses
  • Bypasses problem soil for long lasting support
  • Foundation repairs require minimum excavation
  • System allows the flexibility to suit your needs
  • The Perma Jack System is installed by trained personnel
  • Field proven stabilizing homes since 1974

All these benefits mean COST and TIME savings to you, by taking advantage of the convenience and effectiveness of the Perma Jack Foundation Repair System.

Protect your investment and repair your foundation with confidence. Contact one of our foundation repair companies today for a free consultation and analysis!

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