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Steel Foundation Pier Corrosion

The National Bureau of Standards has tested steel pilings and steel piers used for foundation repairs that have been underground between 7 and 40 years. The conditions at the sites varied widely as indicated by the soil types which ranged from well drained sands to impervious clays. It was determined that the type and amount of corrosion observed on steel pilings is not sufficient to significantly affect the strength or useful life of steel piers and pilings. Some steel piering methods galvanize or coat their piers claiming to extend the useful life of their piers.

The National Bureau of Standards states that coatings on steel piers does not effectively increase its life expectancy. It may, in fact, due to abrading that occurs in coatings of driven piers, “actually decrease its life expectancy.”

Steel piers and steel pilings
Steel piers and pilings are ASTM A513 tubing made in USA

Perma-Jack only uses steel produced in the U.S. All components are made of the high strength material to the same high tolerances for over 36 years. Perma-Jack uses only ASTM A513 tubing for pier sections with Tensile and Yield strengths unsurpassed in the industry. Yield strength is the most important factor in creating a strong pier section. Perma-Jack has never had a pier fail due to corrosion. Failure in most piers is caused during installation due to poor preparation. This inadequacy causes the bracket to slip or rotate out at the bottom bending the pier tubing or reducing the working load of the pier. By using high Yield strength tubing and 36+ years of refining and perfecting the installation method, the Perma-Jack System provides the most reliable and longest lasting foundation repair method.

Before you choose a foundation repair contractor to repair your biggest investment, make sure they have the strongest materials (tubing not pipe), most installation experience (36+ years), and reliability proven with products in the ground (piers).

Protect your investment and repair your building or home foundation with confidence. Contact one of our foundation repair contractors today for a free consultation and analysis!

Foundation repair components made in USA!
Foundation Repair Components

Foundation repairs using steel piers
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